26 December 2019

American Samoa - A gay criminal case could help bring marriage equality to American Samoa

Daniel Villarreal
LGBTQ Nation

Pago Pago, American Samoa
(pronounced PANGH-o PANGH-o)

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ezs note: Well, such shenanigans may occur in American Samoa, but we wouldn't dream of such things happening in the United States proper, right?


civil rights - Thirty years ago, gay civil rights campaign set the stage for all that followed

Stephanie Ebbert
Boston Globe

Boston, MA

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Illinois - Lambda to Illinois: Issue birth certificates affirming gender identities of trans parents

lead story - Transgender children sense true gender at young age, study finds


Groton, CT

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Donald Trump - Trump claims Nancy Pelosi and impeachment offends all Americans of faith. He's wrong.

Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove
NBC News

ezs note:  Do we ever see it unopened?

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