13 January 2018

Donald Trump - Another porn star says she was invited to Trump's hotel room in 2006

The Guardian

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ezs note:  Here's a little snippet from The Guardian:

The money was reportedly paid to keep Clifford from talking about a sexual encounter she allegedly had with Trump in 2006, shortly after the billionaire’s third wife, Melania, gave birth to their son Barron.

Melania - why do you stay with this pig???

Thailand - The life of a transgender boxer in Thailand

Elianna Spitzer
The Week

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D.C. high school students plan and attend civil rights summit

Shira Stein
The Washington Post

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New Jersey’s LGBT related laws rated in HRC index

Out In Jersey

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Suspect named in murder of San Francisco transgender activist 'Bubbles'

Dion Lim

Anthony "Bubbles" Torres

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ezs note:  San Francisco area - if you see Hieu Trung Nguyen, DO NOT attempt to subdue him, rather call the San Francisco Police Department at 415-575-4444.  Be a real hero.

Ankeny, Iowa

estimated transgender population:  340*
(rounded down)

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ezs note:  While my hometown has remained fairly stable, Ankeny, Iowa has grown by leaps and bounds!  Come see what all the buzz is about!