26 March 2021

archive - Guide to the Cornell LGBT Coalition records, 1967-1999 - 1991 (started)


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New York - Human Rights Officials Won Big Discrimination Case for Transgender Woman, Then Went Silent

Gabriel Sandoval

The City

New York City, NY (Vorleezer house, 1696)

please press:  www.thecity.nyc

lead story - Arkansas governor signs transgender sports ban into law


NBC News

Bentonville, AR

please press:  www.nbcnews.com

ezs note:  Arkansans - Don't wait a minute.  The time to plan the next governor  of Arkansas is NOW.

Georgia voting - ‘I will not direct a film in Georgia,’ says ‘Walk the Line’ filmmaker

Matt Wake


The Wolverine (movie)

please press:  www.al.com

ezs note:  Follow Mr. Mangold's example.  If you were planning a vacation in Georgia, consider someplace else.  Anyplace else.