23 October 2017

Myeshia Johnson Stands Up to Donald Trump

Amy Davidson Sorkin
The New Yorker

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ezs note:  If you live in the vicinity of North Cape May, New Jersey , you can attend the event planned here.

Trans activist from El Salvador seeks refuge in Ireland

Ernesto Valle - translated by Michael K. Lavers
Washington Blade

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The Christian right’s new strategy: Divide and conquer the LGBT community

Jeff Taylor
LGBTQ Nation

Credit:  http://wolvoman80.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/divide-and-conquer.jpg

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ezs note: One book which you may find useful is From Diversity To Unity - Creating Energy of Connection.  Whether you get a sampling off the computer or get it from the library or bookstore, it contains some valuable tips.

Pravin Visakan: Ending LGBTQ discrimination begins with more inclusive education

Pravin Visakan
Daily Bruin

Credit:  https://lgbtrc.usc.edu/files/2015/05/Trojan_Pride-Parade.jpg

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Connecticut Teen Is Plaintiff In Suit Against Trump Over Transgender Troop Ban

Russell Blair
Hartford Courant

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