23 July 2015

New Mexico Groups Applaud Introduction Of Federal Equality Act


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ezs note:  National Public Radio (NPR) is a great alternative versus the dreck that's on most of the station these days.  If you like it, put a bumper sticker on your car!  Hell, even if one person a day tries 
NPR out, you've increased the knowledge base just a smidge!

HIV Pre-exposure Prophylaxis Popular in High-Risk Patients

Marcia Frelick

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ezs note:  Be happy - just be careful!  Consult with a COMPETENT doctor about alternatives before you have sex.

No more “fronting,” transgender inmate embraces new name

Margie Fishman
Delaware Online

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Transgender life in Ukraine officially labeled as 'disorder' (Ukraine)

Anna Yakutenko
Kyiv Post

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The absurd reason the FDA bans many transgender women from donating blood

German Lopez

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