13 April 2018

Hartford, Connecticut

estimated transgender population:  715*
(rounded up)

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ezs note - What the... it's my favorite city on planet earth, Hartford, Connecticut!  (I didn't plan this...honest! ) Yeah, yeah, Hartford has its grumblers.  I don't freakin' care... I love this city!

Donald Trump - I’m a Peeliever and You Should Be, Too

Jonathan Chait
New York

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Spain - Book documents challenges of undefined gender in 1700s Spain

George Diepenbrock
The University of Kansas

Jusepe de Ribera, La Mujer Barbuda

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civil rights - These parents are pushing against a rollback of transgender rights

Bella English
The Boston Globe

Bridgewater (MA) Town Hall

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Tennessee - Opinion | I am a transgender Tennessean, and I am concerned that I am unwelcome at home

Henry Seaton


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lead story - Defense chief says he is 'prepared to defend' new transgender military policy

Claudia Grisales
Stars and Stripes

Sec. Jim Mattis

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