24 November 2019

Now let me see...

As you might know, Emily's Virtual Rocket has been around a while.  You'd think that  I  would get some fabulous clothes.  Uh, not really.  I get clothing, but it's male clothing.

I am not asking for a handout.  What I would like is if you see an article that really moves or inspires you, sending an article of clothing would be a way of saying "thank you".  Just send one item.  It doesn't have to be from Saks or Cartier.  In fact, sending a good lightly used item would be just as appreciated.  I am very large (280 pounds/127 kilograms), but I am following one item Weight Watchers diligently. Here's what I'm looking for:
  • tops (not too loud or flashy)
  • wig (medium to dark brown)
  • slacks
  •  skirt (knee length) 
  • panties (new only, cotton preferable)
  • bra (new only)
  • nylons (new only)
  • socks (extra-large please)
  • insert into bra (C cup, no larger)
  • sweater
  • coat
  • inexpensive necklace (long)
  • inexpensive perfume
For three of the items which I specify as new, I am not calling for expense or extravagance.  Family Dollar, Target, or Wal-Mart, for example, will do nicely.  Here's the address:

Emily's Virtual Rocket
60 Starkel Road 
Apartment 60, #110

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