26 September 2012

Light shines on LGBT community - Jennifer Esposito -http://www.quchronicle.com

Bug 'em even some more!

Now it's your turn!  E-write that LGBT folks have the right to marry, the right to see one another when sick, the right to a proper burial attended by the loved one.


Hines, Illinois - Danny Davis (D) - IL7
East Hampton, New York - Tim Bishop ()D)  - NY1
Bergenfield, New Jersey - Scott Garrett (R) - NJ5
Mountain View, California - Anna Eshoo (D) CA15
Boston, Massachusetts - Stephen Lynch (D) - MA9

This is a sampling of areas across the Internet.  To locate the representative which represents your home address, go to www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code.  Very heavily populated areas, or two areas that border one another, may need more information.