02 March 2017

Here are 42 of President Donald Trump's planned EPA budget cuts

Rob Davis
The Oregonian

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ezs note:  If you are pissed enough at the gutting of the EPA, go to www.house.gov and sound off to your Representative that the EPA should be fully funded.  

The World Sent Me Hate Mail About My Transgender Kid -- & Here's Why I Welcome It

Isabel Rose

Credit:  http://www.etonline.com/news/2015/04/24146863/set_trans_kids_640.jpg

Transgender student guidelines updated by NYC education department

Alison Fox
AM New York

Credit:  http://geology.com/state-map/maps/new-york-county-map.gif

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Apple, IBM, Microsoft back transgender teen at Supreme Court


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2 Transgender Women Killed in New Orleans Within 48 Hours: Police

Melissa Chan

Chyna Gibson and Ciara McElveen

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ezs note:  Sadly, yet another transgender woman has been murdered.  Her name was Ciara McElveen.  While I have no doubt that members of the New Orleans Police Department do their work very hard, it all seems so bootless.  Transgender women do have a right to attend  concert, go to a bar, restaurant, or coffeeshop, or just enjoy an evening stroll without suffering the, ahem, annoyance of being raped or murdered.  Can we see what might be done more proactively?  Thanks.