28 August 2013


Credit: img.ehowcdn.com

ezs note: Yeah, this night really sucks.  The crowd that you went to the movie or concert with is nowhere to be found.  Buses don't run this late.  Cabs are a bitter laugh.  If subways are an option, this one's at least a mile away.  So you walk.  There's a guy up ahead.  He slowly moves forward.  You turn, not realizing it's a dead end.  Oh, shit...

There is one thing that you can do.


All around the nation, and in in many places around the world, self-defense classes are being held.  Many are for-profit, but towns and cities hold classes as well.  If you live in the town or city where classes are being held, many are at a reduced price.  Some are FREE.  

In the course of preparing this blog, I see far too many tragic stories.  Like the transgender woman who was murdered in Fontana, California.  Or the woman who lived, but had the crap kicked out her by some vermin.  And on, and on, and on...

Go yourself, and bring a friend. Sometimes, it's the only way to LIVE.