14 February 2017

13 Hilariously Savage Donald Trump Valentine’s Day Memes

Sage Lazarro

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Transgender Lawyer Teaches Diversity, Inclusion to Local Gov't Employees

Kirsten Swanson

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Children at faith school 'ordered by teachers to ignore classmate because her parent is transgender' (UK)

Siobhan Henton and Dina Rickman
The Independent

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ezs note:  These - ahem - "teachers", if these allegations prove true, deserve to fired immediately.  They don't deserve to head up a dog training school, never mind a school with young children.  If you live in the UK, please write or e-write the Minister of State for School Standards in the Department of Education to let them know of your extreme displeasure regarding this situation.  Thanks.

Conservative leadership candidate Maxime Bernier reverses support for transgender rights bill (Canada)

Brendan Burke
CBC News

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Emmanuelle Alt Publishes a Groundbreaking Cover of Transgender Model Valentina Sampaio on French Vogue’s March 2017 Issue

Mark Holgate

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