28 April 2018

Belgium - Belgium Provides Five Chechen Gays With Humanitarian Visas


Atomium sculpture, Belgium

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civil rights - Three Ways Betsy DeVos Has Undermined Protections for Students

Helen Parshall

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North Dakota - This 12-Year-Old Transgender Boy Died By Suicide. Use The Right Pronouns When Talking About HIS Death

Maria Guido
Scary Mommy

Bismarck, ND

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lead story - Donald Trump’s transgender ban is as bad as Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, say 49 Senators

Josh Jackman
Pink News

Capitol Rotunda

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doins' in Connecticut...

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ezs note:  Tonight, I was about to watch  Stephen Colbert when, on an impulse, I switched to another channel.  It was the Connecticut House of Representatives - and they were debating a very important bill.  It would change the system from the House of Delegates to a popular 'one person, one vote' method.

I, for one, think that a popular vote is far better than the creaky House of Delegates.  I hope that you do too.  However, just wishing for it will not make it happen.  Call your state Representative and state Senator.  

Is it easy?  Nope.  Never said it was.  But you have to be a part of things, pal