26 September 2020

An open letter to State Senator Derek Slap and State House of Representatives Jillian Gilchrest


nation of Connecticut (if the worst happens)

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/f/fd/1999_CT_Proof.png

I am writing to you about a subject I would never have dreamed of. However, Donald Trump currently is our President.

Let us examine the upcoming 2020 race. More and more, Trump is not planning on winning the popular vote. He is not even planning on winning the Electoral College. Rather, he plans on winning by fiat and baldfaced lying.

It is late September, and much remains to occur. However, experience tells us that Trump consistently lies, in matters both small and large. If the worst happens, can we honestly give this cretin a pass? For me, the answer is clearly NO.

Once again, if the worst happens, I urge you to separate Connecticut from the rest of the states. I hope that, in time, the rest of the New England states will do likewise.
I hope that this never happens, and the United States will steer a just, more equitable course.
Sadly, Trump will not allow this to happen.
Emily Shorette