30 October 2013

Who I'll be voting for in West Hartford elections

Today was a "meet the candidates" day in West Hartford, and there were two surprises and one disappointment.  The way the questioning was structured really didn't allow you to hear anything but yourself  when questioning was going on, but so it goes.

 First the surprises:

When Scott Slifka (D) ran previously, I had a wry view of him; I was for the busway, he was against it.  But two years later, what's past is past.  The busway is moving forward (yay!) and he has accepted that fact. When I mentioned the issues transgender people face, he agreed wholeheartedly. He got my vote.

Whenever candidates throw their hat into the ring, you have to wonder, has this guy or gal really done the homework.  Fortunately, when Chris Barnes(R) is running, you can tell he's quite knowledgeable.  He answered the transgender issues satisfactorily, and, when was further questioned about restroom legislation, he answered at some length why he would have voted in the affirmative.  For this reason, he has my vote.

Now the disappointment:

When Leon Davidoff (D) had ran previously and won, I had high hopes.  His rambling answer to my question did not exactly bring hope to my heart, anyhow.  Sadly, I must ask him to go home.

So, my choices (in alphabetical order) are:

Chris Barnes (R)
Shari Cantor (D)
Harry Captain (D)
Judy Casperson(D)
Clare Kindall (D)
Scott Slifka (D)

Oh, by the way, VOTE!!!