21 July 2016

His royal pomposity, Donald Trump

Credit:  http://f.tqn.com/y/politicalhumor/1/S/l/Z/6/Trump-Laughingstock.jpg

Well, now it's official.  Donald Trump has bumbled his way into Cleveland and taken home the, uh, "prize".  And, oh, the show he gave.  He introduced his wife Melania, and she promptly fumbled her speech by cribbing portions of Michelle Obama's speech!  (In her defense, she was simply reading what the speechwriter put down... but still, what was he thinking by hiring such dumbasses?  

Now, think back to when John McCain was running against Barack Obama.  Sure, he made some fumbles, but I want to point out one really good thing that McCain did.  Did he really want to win?  You're damn right he did.  He wanted it so bad, he could taste it.  But McCain had another trait.  It's called honor.  And so when some nitwit spouted some of her half-baked "ideas" regarding Obama, McCain called her on it.  We are two honorable men in the Senate, he said, and you should listen to what each of have to say before deciding.

Damn.  How about that.

But here comes Trump to save the day!  When some noodlebrains (mostly the Tea Party) stated that Barack Obama had "faked" his birth certificate, who do you think led the charge?  I'll give you one guess.

Some folks may grumble that the only reason that I despise Trump is that he is a Republican.  Absolutely untrue.  I respect Romney.  I respect McCain.  Hell, I even have a little bit for Dubya.  (At the end of his second term, he ordered waters in the Pacific Ocean a protected class.  Good move, George.)

And so, I break with tradition and urge you to send Trump packing.

So long, Donald.  See you in Hades.