16 March 2014

Ugandan gay rights activist says her own mother threatened to hand her into police over anti-gay laws (UK)

Aaron Day

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ezs note:  Let your voice be heard - tell the president and legislature in Uganda to REPEAL this odious anti-LGBT law.

GOP gubernatorial candidates vie for supporters


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Group looks to establish Wichita chapter of Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network

Suzanne Perez Tobias

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ezs note: by the way, GLSEN is also good.

Mothers of Suicide Victims: 'Idaho Didn't Protect Our Children'


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\ezs note: Mothers, fathers, and friends of transgender youth - there ARE things you can do to make your kid's life better.

1. Organizations such as PFLAG are there for you.  You can check to see where the nearest meeting is by contacting their Web address: www.pflag.org

2.  Talk to your children about seeking help.  Your child may not have the abilities to winnow out the losers. ("reparative therapy" is a good example)  You can pick out the good ones.

3. Talk to your child's teacher(s) in a friendly but FIRM manner that she/he is NOT a freak.  If the teacher insists that your child just 'get with the program', suggest that she/he take up welding instead.  At least she/he won't be able to harm any more children.

4. If there is no good program in your area, dial 1-800-273-TALK. There are good people there who are willing to help though the distress you are feeling.

Comment: Stonewall should distance itself from Ben Summerskill’s Lib Dem equal marriage comments (UK)

Mathew Hulbert

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'To Quote A Queer'