08 March 2013

Now's the time to e-write!

If you have put this off for awhile, hey, I do understand.  I don't think there's a person in this world puts at least a few things off. (except for the anal do-it-right-nowers)  But... this is the time!!  We have a President who is compassionate to our cause.  We have a former President, who, however he might differ on other issues, agrees with the President on this one.

The time for same-sex marriage is near, very near.  If you e-mail now, you can put your name on record as being for it.

C'mon, folks.  Make history.

Manchester Township, New Jersey - Chris Smith (R) - NJ4
San Jose, California - Mike Honda (D) - CA17
East Hampton, Connecticut - Joe Courtney (D) CT2
East Liverpool, Ohio - Bill Johnson (R) - OH6
Belle Plaine, Minnesota - Collin Peterson (D) - MN7
Angier, North Carolina - Renee Ellmers (R) - NC2
Seal Beach, California - Dana Rohrabacher (R) - CA48
Columbus, Ohio - Pat Tiberi (R) - OH12
San Francisco, California - Nancy Pelosi (D)  CA12
Stony Brook, New York - Tim Bishop (D) - NY1

The previous representatives were chosen at random by the Internet. To find out who you are represented by, enter your ZIP code in www.house.gov.  In Canada, enter www.parl.gc.ca .