07 September 2017

Why I care about Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - and why you should too

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ezs note:  By now (unless you've been living in a cave) you've undoubtedly heard of  Hurricane Harvey  and Hurricane Irma.  One way that you can help is the  American Red Cross.  Another alternative is Help 4 Hurricane Relief.  Monies collected will also go to the American Red Cross.

Please, help your friends.

Donald Trump Can’t Pivot Out of the Trouble He’s In

John Cassidy
The New Yorker

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First Openly Transgender Contestant to Compete in Miss Montana Pageant: ‘I Want to Help the LGBTQI Community’

Julie Mazziotta

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How to ensure a safe school year for Michigan's transgender kids

Sarah Tchoryk
Detroit Free Press

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Transgender Nurse Fights for Equal Rights

Sara E. Teller
Legal Reader

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Vocal therapy helps some transgender people find their voice

Paige Pfleger
The Lily

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