12 August 2010

Consensus is the right approach for the European court of human rights (The Guardian [UK])

The European court of human rights in Strasbourg is already the most important international human rights tribunal in the world. (more above)

Woman, by choice (Hindustan Times [India])

I enjoy sex like any other normal girl, in fact maybe even better than them,” says Nikkey Chawla, a 24-year-old stylist, when asked whether a transsexual can have a normal sex life. (more above)

Manchester stylists helps guys to be girls (BBC)

In many ways, Transfixed is a salon like any other, catering for those who want to look glamorous for a night out. (more above)

'There isn't a lot of room in my heart for many, but there was for Destiny Lauren' ( Camden New Journal [uk] )

FRIENDS have paid tribute to a woman who worked as a prostitute found dead in her Kentish Town home after her killer was found guilty of murder. (more above)

Crime Prevention: Persons with Physical Disabilities ( Elk Grove PD )

A physical disability - impaired vision, hearing, or mobility - doesn't prevent you from being a victim of crime. (more above)

RPI: preventing sexual assault

A commitment to safety is a commitment to creating an environment free from all forms of exploitation and intimidation. (more above)