01 November 2019

What I'm thinkin'...

It's very close to Election Day, and for my friends in West Hartford, I'd like to offer my thoughts to you.  First of all, the town council. Over the past two years, the council has offered good, decent stewardship.  I have no complaint about that.  However, a little tinkering is always a good thing.  Shari Cantor has done a great job as mayor.  However, Carol Blanks is the one I am most excited about.  She was a former leader in Local 1199, and despite what you may have heard, money is not all you hear about.  For me, it's all about respect, and wearing what you want to wear.  When I was working, Local 1199 went to bat for me, and I respect that.

When I went to a candidates' meeting I attended a few years ago, I met Leon Davidoff.  Now, please don't get me wrong. Leon is a good guy.  However, when I brought up some of the issues we share, I couldn't help but be nonplussed.  I choose to vote for Janee P. Woods/Weber.  She champions for the whole of West Hartford.

Now to the board of education.  All four candidates talk the talk, but only one - Amanda Aronson - has walked the arts walk.  She is a docent of the New Britain Museum of American Art, small in stature but gigantic what it shows forth.  Ms. Aronson will show forth that leadership when the board of education crafts its curriculum.

But, wherever you are, VOTE!

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