26 January 2020

Kobe Bryant 1978 - 2020

Alabama - Sigma Delta Chi, Best Radio Public Service -- "Alabama Human Trafficking" Alabama Public Radio


Alabama Public Radio

Mobile, AL

please press:  www.apr.org

ezs note:  I have to say that the Sigma Delta Chi award is the best, bar none.  These intrepid reporters dug up human trafficking from around the state.  They presented a powerful, sobering piece.  For those of us with a particular interest in mind, scroll to about 3/4 of the piece, then read there.  I urge all Alabamians to attend your town or city hall meeting and speak up.

lead story - Transgender woman attacked on Manhattan subway platform

Elizabeth Keough
Daily News

Harlem, NY

please press:  www.nydailynews.com

ezs note:  Fortunately, the camera got a very clear view of the suspects.  If you live in northern Manhattan (Harlem) and saw them,  please call the police at 800-577-8477.  Thanks.  

Donald Trump - In SNL’s cold open, Trump lawyer Alan Dershowitz meets his biggest fan in hell

Catherine Kim


Dante and Virgil in Hell, William-Adolphe Bouguereau (1850)

please press:  www.vox.com

ezs note:  Hmmm... I thought Hell was very hot...