04 June 2018

Donald Trump - Mueller has waited long enough. It’s subpoena time.

Ruth Marcus
The Washington Post

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Japan - Social security for transgender people expands; obstacles remain in old age

Japan Today

Japan, Takezaki Suenaga, 1293 CE

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civil rights - Mineola marchers press fight for transgender rights, laws

Christine Chung

dirigible landing in Mineola, NY

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New York - How one Democrat stopped New York from passing transgender job protections

Alex Bollinger
LGBTQ Nation

Simcha Felder 

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ezs note: I don't know if you are too late, but if not, please challenge Mr. Felder.  If you are too late, run as an independent.  Hell, you may not win (maybe!) but at least you'll get a real Republican rather than a fake, backstabbing 'Democrat'. (a DINO if there ever was one)

lead story - Six People Told Us Their Favorite Things About Being Transgender

Anna Goldfarb

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VIDEO - Michael Isikoff and David Corn - "Russian Roulette"

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