11 January 2016

Bowie an enduring role model to young trans people

Azure Gilman
Aljazzera America

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ezs note:  Rest in peace, David Bowie...

'The Danish Girl' Banned In Qatar Over The Supposed ‘Moral Depravity’ Of Its Transgender Themes

Tim Isaac
Big Gay Picture Show

Doha, Qatar

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Ben Carson: 'Abnormal' LGBT People Shouldn't Get 'Extra Rights'

Miranda Blue
Right Wing Watch

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Transgender scholar C. Riley Snorton to speak on ‘Jorgensen’s Shadows’

Joan Brasher
Vanderbilt University

C. Riley Snorton

Lawsuit dismissed against Planet Fitness for transgender-friendly locker room policy

Bob Johnson

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ezs note:  Good!  I'm glad to see that this judge threw this daffy woman's suit out of his court.  

Seattle Times Reporter Echoes Bogus Attack On Transgender Bathroom Access

Rachel Perceley
Media Matters for America

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