27 August 2017

Come chat with us!

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ezs note:  Okay, you've had your fill. Time to relax.  But where do you find the proper room in which to chat?

Might I suggest www.chatzy.com? This room is for both the long-term transgender and for curious seekers.  Who knows - you might find me in there!  

Trump Cabinet member's daughter rips transgender ban

John Bowden
The Hill

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please press:  thehill.com

MTV confirms that several transgender military personnel will attend the VMAs

Sam Barsanti
AV Visual

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Dozens March in NYC to Protest Deadly Police Shooting of Transgender Woman

NBC New York

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please press:  www.nbcnewyork.com

Police investigate online abuse against charity for transgender children (UK)

Sarah Marsh
The Guardian

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please press:  www.theguardian.com

ezs note:  Here in the states, you can find credible information through the American Medical AssociationAmerican Psychological Association and American Psychiatric Association.  In the UK, the Royal Society of Medicineand Mermaids UK (0344 334 0550). Above all, don't let the idiots win!  Get informed!