01 September 2018

Donald Trump - Donald Trump’s Funeral Problem

Gwenda Blair

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Brunei - The Pentagon, China, Brunei, LGBTI & Islamic Shariah Law

Richard S. Ehrlich

Brunei International Airport
Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei

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ezs note: I do understand that when we visit other countries, we need to respect their customs and mores, but do we need quaint aphorisms such as freedom of speech at the door?  (Oh, I forgot.  I'm living in Trumpworld.)

civil rights - LGBTQ group says Alabama participating in a 'deliberate attack' on transgender people

Jonece Starr Dunigan

Montgomery, AL

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New York - Two charged in 1997 strangulation of transgender woman in Bronx

Rocco Parascandola
Daily News

Bronx, NY

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ezs note:  Goodbye and good riddance!  😠

lead story - Transgender Killings Spur Calls For Police Reform

Lindsey Kilbride

Jacksonville, FL

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