08 August 2021

archive - Arrest Actor's Wife: Jesse Harris Is Dead of Morphine Poisoning - Nov 6 1911


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Indiana/Idaho - Idaho State researcher helps to solve cold case in Indiana



Jasper County, IN (Rensselaer)

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ezs note:  Jasper County (IN) - granted, this is a long shot (well, a real long shot) but if you have any information regarding John Doe's (sic) murder and/or identity, please call Andy Boersma at the Jasper County Coroner's Office at 219-956-2220 or 219-863-3560.  Thanks.


lead story - LCSD interim superintendent talks about transgender student policies

Andrea Guerrero, Jackie Winchester


Fort Myers, FL

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California fire - Another year, the same old ‘whoops’ | Editor’s notes

Mike Wolcott

Chico Enterprise-Record

Chico, CA

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ezs note:  Um... yeah... it sounds good,  until  you realize that California residents  are the biggest culprit.  People who water their lawns with abandon, growers  who plant water-sucking almonds, people who mega-overpopulate... hey, it all adds up.