30 September 2017

Donald Trump's last 7 days are just mind-bogglingly bad

Chris Cillizza

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Malawi told to stop inquiry on homosexuals: ‘Human rights are not for public opinion’ (Malawi)

Hudson Mphande
Nyasa Times

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Missouri transgender teen’s killing will not be charged as a hate crime

John Riley
Metro Weekly

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ezs note:  Missourians - here are four things you can do to change things.

1.  Call (don't e-write) the governor.  His number is 573-751-3222.
2.  Call the state congressperson and state senator.
3. If you hear of a protest march,  go if you possibly can. Go early and often.
4.  Call or e-write your like-minded friends to do the same.

Arkansas attorney general asking court to block a city's LGBT protections


Ah, some things never change... (unfortunately)

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ezs note:  Well.. you can.  The phone number for the Attorney General in Arkansas is 501-682-2007.  If she refuses, or is silent, you can start a grassroots movement for her opponent.  Am I asking a lot?  Yup.  But it's been done before, and you can do it again.  

YSU's 1st Transgender Director Aims to Help All Students

Amanda Tonoli
US News & World Report

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Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

estimated transgender population:  35* 
(rounded down)
(population larger outside borough limits)

Joseph P. Oller House
Waynesboro, PA

Credit:  https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c6/Oller_Hs_Waynesboro_PA_Hist_Society.JPG/260px-Oller_Hs_Waynesboro_PA_Hist_Society.JPG

ezs note: The Joseph J. Oller House is just one of the beautiful sights you'll get to see when you visit Waynesboro, Pennsylvania!  Come on down and visit!

*Credit:  UCLA