21 February 2019

VIDEO - The Rachel Maddow Show (special report)

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Donald Trump - Mueller's Russia investigation: Trump's legal team braces for report, hasn't talked with special counsel in 'weeks'

Kevin Johnson
USA Today

ezs note:  Well, what have you been up to, Donald?

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Ukraine - Volunteer-driven website aims to revolutionize sex ed in Ukraine

Matthew Kupfer
Kyiv Post

Zelenodolsk, Ukraine

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civil rights - How to Fight the Latest Attempts to Erase ‘Transgender’

Alex Myers
The Good Men Project


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New Hampshire - Pappas Knocks Court Decision on Transgender Restrictions for U.S. Service Members


Chris Pappas (D-NH)

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lead story - Virginia district split over ending transgender bathroom ban

Ben Finley

Abingdon, VA
(part of Gloucester County)

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Donald Trump - AP source: FBI had backup plan to save Russia probe evidence

Eric Tucker/AP
The Free Press

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