23 June 2019

Donald Trump - Why Trump can't fill the gaping holes in his government

Zachary B. Wolf


russian-hole.jpg (640×360)

ezs note:  Aw, just a little stitch, is all...

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Malawi - Changing the lives of transgender people in Malawi


Lilongwe, Malawi

please press:  www.unaids.org

civil rights - Allies need to focus specifically on transgender issues in wake of violence: Activists

Karma Allen

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Alabama - Alabama mayor defends comments on ‘killing out’ gay and transgender people, ‘baby killers’

Leada Gore

Carbon Hill, AL

please press:  www.al.com

ezs note:  I don't know if you're a resident of Carbon Hill, but if you are, please, FIRE HIS  SORRY ASS. 

lead story - Man arrested in slaying of Dallas transgender woman found in lake