07 October 2016

NWHL player Harrison Browne comes out as a transgender man

Michele Steele

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Why The New York Times means so much to me

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This day, I would like to address the conservative transgender people.  (Yes, there are those out there.)  You might think otherwise, but I do understand your frustrations:
1)  The budget is of great concern to me.
2)  Yeah, every once in a while I blurt out an oath, but these are rarities.  Almost all of the time, I stick to the King's English.

  3)  Call me an old fogy, but I much prefer the terms Miss or Mrs. to the epithet Ms
   4)  Once in awhile, there are good Republicans as well as good Democrats, and I feel perfectly comfortable voting for them.

Having said all that, let me turn to The New York Times.  It is the nation's largest paper, and arguably the world's largest paper.  It is also has garnered a lion's share of critics.  

No matter what individual critiques you may have, there are certain points which the Times has, which other papers simply do not have:

1)  The Corrections page.  Yeah, this might seem like so much quibbling, but it is important.  Every day, someone goes over the paper with a fine-toothed comb, to make sure it is accurate.  If it is not, they promptly print it in the Corrections page.  Other papers print it rarely - if at all.  Accuracy be damned - we've got a paper to write.

2) Every once in awhile, a thoughtful person will write back, and the Times, to their credit, will print the article in the Editorial page.

3)  A crackerjack, indepth staff. 

When all is said and done, this has everything to do with the Time's endorsement of Hillary Clinton, and their critique of Donald Trump.  Despite what certain people like to spout off, this is not a matter of liberalism or conservatism.  It's a matter of accuracy.

Oh, by the way, there is one paper that endorses Trump.  The National Enquirer.

I'm not kidding.

Register and vote.  Election Day is November 8.