18 May 2018

Middletown, Delaware

estimated transgender population:  121*
(rounded down)

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 ezs note:  Wow! So that's where Dead Poets Society was filmed!  Middletown, Delaware is home to St. Andrews School, a private co-ed boarding school.  In the movies, boarding schools are starchy, stuffy places, (especially in the fifties) but St. Andrews is fortunately different.  They have a Gender and Sexuality Alliance - good for them!

Donald Trump - Trump personally pushed postmaster general to double rates on Amazon, other firms

Damian Patella, Josh Dawsey
The Washington Post

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Chile - Chile LGBT Group Blasts Campaign against Transgender Actress

Latin American Herald Tribune

Santiago, Chile

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civil rights - This transgender graduate will make history at Pass High. And he's only 16.

Jeff Clark

Pass Christian, Mississippi

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Illinois - Pride Action Tank report and project address issues concerning LGBT older adults

Windy City Times

Chicago, IL (Wicker Park)

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lead story - GOP Candidate Films Herself Harassing A Transgender Woman

Andrea González-Ramírez

Jazmina Saavedra (R-CA)

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