13 February 2021

Illinois - DCFS performance lacking for LGBTQ youth according to audit of Illinois agency

Raymon Troncoso

Belleville News-Democrat

Belleville, IL

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lead story - School Pulls Book About Transgender Boy After Complaints


US News and World Report

Murray, UT

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ezs note:  For myself, I had the first inklings of something 'wrong' with me as early as the first grade.  Parents, you might as well as acting maturely rather than hiding under a bushel.  Murray residents, go to your next school board meeting and express your displeasure in hiding books from children.   

Donald Trump - Opinion - Trump Is Guilty

Editorial Board

The New York Times

Ah, were it so...

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Credit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CRN70Sb7l50