06 April 2016

Workplace Discrimination: Don't Call a Transgender Employee "It"

Douglas M. Oldham
The National Law Review

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Seven Other States Are Considering Restricting Bathrooms For Transgender People

Leah Libresco

Credit:  http://www.datemplate.com/postpic/2015/12/america-50-states_430667.png

ezs note:  If you live in the following states - Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, Mississippi, Tennessee or Wisconsin - please tell your state representative AND state senator to say NO to this stupid bill.  You can do it!

Bright files bill that would restrict transgender bathroom access

Amanda Coyne
Greenville Online

Lee "Bright"

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ezs note:  South Carolinians - do your part and say NO to this stupid bill to YOUR state representative and state senator.  And if you live in Spartanburg or Greenville county (12th state senatorial district), do what you can to send Lee "Bright" packing!