15 February 2020

Greece - Homicide at Moria refugee camp sparks riots

Benjamin Bathke

island of Lesbos, Greece

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ezs note:  Although it is in the last paragraph, mention is made of transgender people being at risk.  If you have an interest in Greece or Lesbos in particular, you may want to stay with InfoMigrants to stay in touch.

civil rights - Transgender athletics bill clears its first legislative hurdle

Kevin Richert

Idaho Falls, ID

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California - Megan Youngren to Become First Openly Transgender Athlete to Compete at the U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

Chris Chavez
Sports Illustrated

California International Marathon
Folsom/Sacramento, CA

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lead story - Girls sue to block participation of transgender athletes

Pat Eaton-Robb

Connecticut State Capitol
Hartford, CT

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Donald Trump - Can we stop tiptoeing around the fact that Trump is behaving like a dictator?

Lucian K. Truscott IV

Donald Trump

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