03 July 2014

Equal Rights Ordinance Opponents Submit 50K Signatures for Public Vote

Brandon De Hoyos

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ezs note: The people of Houston are good and decent folk, but they are woefully misinformed by the likes of "Reverend" Max Miller.  Please - lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgenders, and allies - tell them courteously what the "transgender agenda" is really all about.  Like peeing.

Reeling from killings, trans community calls for understanding

Kevin Tsukii

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Quamar Edwards, suspect in transgender woman's slaying, turns self in


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ezs note:  It certainly is a terrible thing that he did, but Quamar Edwards certainly did the right thing by turning himself in.  If you have committed a felony, do the right thing and turn yourself in.  Remember, police all over this world are looking for you... and so are we.