01 April 2017

Do you have EVIDENCE on Trump and/or friends?

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ezs note:  Okay - I know it's a long shot - really long - but if you have solid - rock solid - couldn't-cut-it-with-a-diamond solid evidence, then you should look over Strongbox.  Do not contact me.  This is between you and Strongbox - no one else.

Donald Trump’s climate fantasies (Jordan)

Jeffrey D. Sachs
The Jordan Times

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Transgender supporters rally against anti-transgender bus outside Philly's City Hall

Julie Shaw
The Inquirer

(Boston, MA protest)

Credit:  https://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/newscms/2017_13/1950596/gettyimages-661587534_4f3d3c444d8d8984dce2354499231286.nbcnews-fp-360-360.jpg

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Bet Tzedek To Provide Legal Services to LA’s Transgender Community


Credit:  https://www.probono.net/images/areas/327/FINAL%20BTZ%20LOGO%20Colors(1).jpg

please press:  https://thepridela.com

Carver High students research transgender housing discrimination

Shella' Smith

Shella' Smith, left

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ezs note:  Shella' Smith for state rep!  Yay!

What It’s Like To Be A Transgender Teacher In Donald Trump’s America

Rebecca Klein
The Huffington Post

Credit:  http://media2.s-nbcnews.com/i/streams/2014/December/141217/1D274907450394-today-voices-transgender-teacher-141205-tease.jpg

Bolton, UK

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ezs note:  Now it's time to visit Bolton, UK!  Hey, it's just a quick hop over the Atlantic!