16 December 2017

Virginia Senate candidate E.W. Jackson "regrets" anti-gay rhetoric

John Riley

Chesapeake, VA

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Word ban at CDC includes 'vulnerable,' 'fetus,' 'transgender'

Jessica Ravitz

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ezs note:  As soon as I read this article, I e-mailed Mayor Shari Cantor of West Hartford and urged her to place the transgender flag below the American flag as a form of protest.  Now, I am urging you to do likewise.  Please, send an e-mail to your Mayor, politely asking this be done.  Thanks.

Canyon, Texas

estimated transgender population:  88*
(rounded up)

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ezs note: Wow... as you can see from the photo above, Canyon, Texas has some of the most beautiful land around.  So, come on down for a visit!

Doubting the intelligence, Trump pursues Putin and leaves a Russian threat unchecked

Greg Miller, Greg Jaffe, Philip Rucker
The Washington Post

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