31 August 2013

Contractor Status Complicates Workplace Sexual Harassment

 Alissa Fleck

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ezs note: If you are part of the 97 percent that believes that they are sexually harassed while at work, please contact a competent lawyer as soon as possible and describe the situation.  I don't care if you are VP of operations or a burger flipper.  You have rights.  You have dignity.  And anyone who infringes on those rights deserves to have their butt kicked.

28 August 2013


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ezs note: Yeah, this night really sucks.  The crowd that you went to the movie or concert with is nowhere to be found.  Buses don't run this late.  Cabs are a bitter laugh.  If subways are an option, this one's at least a mile away.  So you walk.  There's a guy up ahead.  He slowly moves forward.  You turn, not realizing it's a dead end.  Oh, shit...

There is one thing that you can do.


All around the nation, and in in many places around the world, self-defense classes are being held.  Many are for-profit, but towns and cities hold classes as well.  If you live in the town or city where classes are being held, many are at a reduced price.  Some are FREE.  

In the course of preparing this blog, I see far too many tragic stories.  Like the transgender woman who was murdered in Fontana, California.  Or the woman who lived, but had the crap kicked out her by some vermin.  And on, and on, and on...

Go yourself, and bring a friend. Sometimes, it's the only way to LIVE.

25 August 2013

Susan Estrich: Delusions of Gender Aside, Bradley Manning Is a Criminal

Susan Estrich

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ezs note:  This was a toughie.  On the one hand, it's good to see Chelsea get at least some medical help.  On the other hand, it's kind of strange to give Chelsea full operative care in prison (free!) while other law-abiding citizens have to cough up 20 to 50 thousand bucks out of prison.  (I know this has to work its way through the courts, but still...)

Then there is the penal system.  I do believe that Chelsea must spend some time in prison, but 35 years is really too much.  There is a difference between Cuba or al-Qaida as opposed to Wikileaks.  It's high time that the government separated the two.

I chose Susan Estrich not because she's a conservative, but because she's a liberal, and her reasons are compelling.  And what about my opinion?  Hell, damned if I know...

Taking Real Steps To Protect Transgender Kids: A Bridge Too Far For The LGB Community?

Brynn Tannehill

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24 August 2013

UPDATE: Police identify suspect in murder of Fontana resident Domonique Newburn


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ezs update: The police now have a name.  It is Dantjier Powell, accompanied by Jamie Nicole Cotton.  If you see him, do NOT attempt to capture him - call the police instead.  And, Ms. Cotton, do the right thing and notify the police of his whereabouts.  I know it's tough, but he's no hero.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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21 August 2013

Transgender woman killed in Fontana, car stolen

Joseph Serna

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ezs note: If you live, work, travel through, or vacation in Fontana, California, and have seen anything regarding the murder of Domonigue Newburn, please report it to police immediately!!!  This might be especially timely, since her car was stolen.  The car is a 2004 black Mercedes C240 sedan, California license plate 7AAY925.  If you see the car, do NOT attempt to capture the man - call the police instead.

20 August 2013

Scarce Transgender Care Options for WikiLeaks Source in Prison


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Russian Transgender Woman Beaten In Public Park Caught On Tape (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

James Nichols

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ezs commentary: This. is. illegal.  Or it would be, given Russia's byzantine code of "laws".  Please e-mail Russia's consulate and express your outrage.  It might not seem like a lot, but every bit helps.

PS: I just sent a letter to President Vladimir Putin.  The tone was respectful, but VERY firm.  No matter where in the world you are, you can do likewise!

11 August 2013

ND US attorney to LBGT community: You have an ally


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In Jamaica, transgender teen murdered by mob

David McFadden

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ezs note:  When you visit Jamaica, you will see it ensconced in beautiful Caribbean waters.  The temperature is almost always perfect.  It's a paradise.

Yeah, right.  DON'T VISIT THAT CESSPOOL. DEMAND that the following actions be taken immediately:

The police must take immediate, swift and aggressive action.  Every 2-3 days the police will give a comprehensive report on steps they have taken.

INTERPOL will be notified to make certain that police are doing their jobs.

The police will notify on radio, TV, newspapers and the Internet that harming or murdering transgender people is a CRIME, and it WILL be dealt with severely.

Both police and public officials will hold forums urging parents not to disown minor transgender children.  Parliament will hold hearings to better serve minors.

Until they do this on a sustained basis,  I will NOT visit Jamaica.  I'd rather visit Love Canal.  This is an utter travesty which Dwayne Jones had to endure.  

Remember Dwayne Jones!!!

09 August 2013


Wow! Rainy day early on!  Here's the latest... Winchester, Massachusetts... Miami, Florida... Chicago, Illinois... MedellĂ­n, Antioquia, Colombia... Ottawa, Ontario, Canada... Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic... Quezon City, Philippines... Diamond Bar, California...

Seattle, Washington... Fairfield, Ohio... Portland, Oregon... Fairfield, Ohio... Tokyo, Japan... Moreno Valley, California... Mullica Hill, New Jersey... Wilmington, North Carolina... Mendoza, Argentina...  

08 August 2013

Jeffrey Tambor To Star In Amazon Pilot 'Transparent' As Transgender Parent

 James Nichols

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Taiwan upholds first public transgender marriage

http://www.themalaymailonline.com/ (Malaysia/Taiwan)

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NY court drops man's hate crime killing conviction


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Aid for Waikato's gay youth in jeopardy

http://www.stuff.co.nz/ (New Zealand)

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03 August 2013

Gay and transgender competitors fire up "America's Next Top Model: Guys & Girls"


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Lady Bunny Discusses 'Take Me Up High,' Transgender Community And More

Noah Michelson

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Vancouver Pride Parade Bringing Long Weekend Of Fun Events

http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/ (Canada)

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Woburn Campaign Notebook


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