10 January 2021


The following raw footage of the breach of the Capitol is over 6 hours long.  It is courtesy of globalnews.ca.  As I've said, the footage is raw, so you might only get a glimpse of someone.  If you're really lucky though, the FBI or Capitol police might find this very helpful.  If you're certain,     TURN THEM IN.  Thanks.

World - Activists around the world react to Capitol siege

Michael K. Lavers

Los Angeles Blade

The Earth

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Iowa - Iowa Safe Schools will work to ban conversion therapy in new lawmaking session

Zach Sommers

We Are Iowa

Des Moines, IA (1907)

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ezs note:  No matter where you are in Iowa, it helps if you call your state Congressperson and tell her/him that you support  banning "conversion therapy".  Thanks.

lead story - Advocacy Group, Lawmakers Team Up to Support Transgender Chicagoans

Blair Paddock


Chicago, IL

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Mike Pence - Pence has not ruled out 25th Amendment, source says

Jim Acosta, Pamela Brown


Vice President's residence

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