11 December 2019

Myanmar/US - Miss Universe celebrates its first openly gay contestant

Jessie Yeung

Naypyidaw, Myanmar

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civil rights - Amid outcry, Seattle Public Library weighs decision to provide venue for ‘radical feminist’ event criticized as anti-trans

Crystal Paul
The Seattle Times

Seattle Public Library
Seattle, WA

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West Virginia - Carmichael backs proposed LGBTQ non-discrimination act

Steven Allen Adams
The Weirton Daily Times

Weirton, WV

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ezs note: I know that there are Republicans who feel they are treated unfairly.  It's a bitter pill to swallow, but there are transgender people who are treated unfairly, even horribly.  But there are those like Mitch Carmichael who have championed transgender causes.  Well done, Mitch.

lead story - Deputies say transgender woman attacked by teens in Tukwila

Donald Trump - Trump assaults facts to survive impeachment

Stephen Collinson

aerial view of White House

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