17 March 2021

archive - Poster for a Drag Show at Café LMNOP - 198x


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Kentucky - U.S. Protestant pastors see gender change as immoral (critique)

Aaron Earls

Kentucky Today

Briceville, TN

please press:  www.kentuckytoday.com

ezs note:  Ah, where do I begin?  Let's start at the beginning.  We are used to neutral polls, the earlier being Gallup, et cetera.  But what do we have here?  We have 'Lifeway Research', conveniently (!) associated with Lifeway Christian Resources and B&H Publishing (again, conservative Christian). In fact, Wikipedia  states that 'Lifeway's ministry on the subject of sexuality and gender expression categorizes non-normative identities as sinful lifestyles, (italics mine) the threat of which requires (mine) church members be "ready when homosexuality devastates"'.  But hey, I'll be big.  Let's assume that Lifeway is correct. Many Protestant ministers supported the January 6 riots.  Many support a 6000 year-old Earth.  Many support Donald Trump as a "true" president.   In other words, they support crap.  Hey, see your pastor if that's what floats your boat, but I'd rather seek the counsel of those who have their marbles together.

lead story - Missouri dad urges lawmakers not to pass student-athlete bill with moving speech about transgender daughter

Caitlin O'Kane

CBS News

 Kansas City, MO

please press:  www.cbsnews.com

ezs note:  Missourians - Please, let's make Mr. Boulware happy - call your state Representative AND state Senator and tell them to vote NO on this  boneheaded bill.  Thanks. 

Atlanta shootings - Atlanta spa shootings: US on alert over possible anti-Asian American motive

Miranda Bryant

The Guardian

Atlanta, GA

please press:  www.theguardian.com

ezs note:  One of my dearest longtime friends is Asian-American.  When he got married, we attended the reception in New York City.  His parents could not be more gracious and friendly.  If the alleged shooter, Robert Aaron Long, is convicted of killing those eight innocent people, I hope he goes to prison for a LONG time.