19 November 2013

Equality House gets new look for Transgender Remembrance Day

Celia Llopis-Jepsen

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ezs note:  Thank you, Equality House!  I find it especially fitting that " "Reverend" " Phelps gets stuck in his eye rather than the other way around.  Yay!

Sasha Fleischman: Oakland Councilmembers Propose "Transgender Remembrance Day"

Erin Sherbert

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ezs note:  Good for you, Oakland City Council!  REMEMBER SASHA FLEISCHMAN!!!

Suspect in beating death of transgender woman walks


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ezs note:  Please, I urge you, if you have any evidence that leads either to Mr. Wilson or to another suspect, feel better about yourself and turn this in.  Thanks.  

Issuing a Universal Call for Trans Human Rights: OFL Statement on the Transgender Day of Remembrance, November 20, 2013


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ezs note:  Thank you, Ontario Federation of Labour!

p.s.:  REMEMBER!!

How I Went From Blogger to Crusader For Trans People

Parker Molloy

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ezs note:  REMEMBER!!!