23 June 2017

Thoughts and musings (3)

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You can't not be a political being, even when you're announcing that you're not a political being.

-  Ali Smith

from The Paris Review

Sometimes, you're lucky enough to hit upon a bit of serendipity, a bit of luck.   I was reading an essay by Ali Smith, a writer of poetry and prose.  Ms. Smith is a bookish sort, or at least those are the feelings that you'll be left with after reading her conversation.  However, in the latter course of conversing, she talks of "political being(s)".  I thought about that, rereading the short line, and then smiled.  

How do we handle this brief life?  I see many people who are perfectly content with skimming the newspaper or the same in a computer, but after about five minutes, they move on to other areas of life.  Considering how hectic life is, it's understandable.  Ah, but now enter the Age of Trump.  I honestly don't understand how one can withstand this blithering fool and not carry a sign in front of the Capitol or city hall.

We all have one day less.  For god's sake, make it worth it.

-  Emily


Bess Levin
Vanity Fair

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Madrid hosts_ and debates_ global gay pride

Aritz Parra

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Mike Pence to Deliver Keynote Address Today at Focus On The Family's 40th Anniversary Celebration (Video)

David Badash
New Civil Rights Movement

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California restricts state travel to Texas, other states over LGBT laws

Reid Wilson
The Hill

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APNewsBreak: Military heads want transgender enlistment hold

Lolita C. Baldor

1) garden slug, or 2) military commander

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