31 May 2011

How to deal with bullies... at any age

  There has been a lot of talk lately on how to deal with bullies.  In  particular, the bullies who have been dealt with have been ages five to eighteen.  Needless to say, I am very glad such a bold move has been taken by the President, cabinet officers, people below them, and ordinary people across America.

I just wish the same people gained the same attention once the clock turned nineteen.

I  also wish the same attention was paid to gays, lesbians, bisexuals and (with particular attention from this blog) transgenders.

I also wish couples - all couples - could live their lives  in the workplace first and retirement second.

I also wish disabled Americans - all disabled Americans - could go to the bathroom in peace.

Recently there was an article about how some older Americans were bullying their peers.  I will put this as plainly as possible - this is not right, fair, or legal!!  Not to gays.  Not to lesbians.  Not to bisexuals.  Not to transgender people.  And not to straight people who live their lives peaceably with others.

So there.