25 May 2019

Donald Trump - Trump’s Public Enemies List Is an Impeachable Offense

David R. Lurie
The Daily Beast

ezs note:  Deja vu, all over again...

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Kenya - Kenya: Court Upholds Archaic Anti-Homosexuality Laws

Human Rights Watch

Nairobi, Kenya

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civil rights - Cuomo Blasts Trump Admin’s Rollback Of Transgender Health Care Protections

Kentucky - Kentucky City Rejects Anti-Discrimination Ordinance


Bowling Green, KY

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ezs note:  I don't know if Kentucky has local elections the same as Connecticut does, but if so, maybe Bowling Green should send three of their Commissioners packing.  (and maybe that means you

lead story - Protesters demand end to killings of transgender women, Trump rollbacks

Daniel Trotta

New York City, NY
Washington Square Park

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