02 May 2017

The Diminishment of Donald Trump

David Catanese
US News and World Report

Hi, little guy!

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House Health Care Bill Would Have a Negative Impact on LGBT People

Windy City Times

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ezs note:  Please, call your US Representative and tell him/her that you support the current ACA (Affordable Care Act) and that you oppose the proposed AHCA (American Health Care Act).  If you are uncertain who your Representative is, click www.house.gov and enter your ZIP code.

Transgender activist looks back on a life of upholding Pacific Island culture

Tim Gruver
The Daily

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Keller trustee candidates talk about transgender bathrooms, guns on campus

Sandra Engelland

Keller, TX

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ezs note:  Keller, TX residents - you can find out more about candidates' opinions and voting records here.  Voting is this Saturday. Don't forget to vote!

A New Generation Overthrows Gender

Jon Brooks

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