28 July 2018

Donald Trump - The Trump White House Failed To Spell ‘United States’ Correctly

Lee Moran


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Syria/Germany - Transgender Syrian Katia finds refuge in Berlin

Daniel Hadjmehdi

wounded in Aleppo, Syria

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civil rights - Christian Law Firm Asks Supreme Court to Allow Workplace Discrimination Against Transgender People

Imani Gandy

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The U.S. State of Delaware Becomes the 15th State to Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Duane Paul Murphy
College Media Network

Dover, DE (Delaware State Capitol)

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ezs note:  Delaware residents - Actually, the headline is a bit of a misnomer.  Read the whole article - it prevents minors from using 'reparative therapy', but once the person turns eighteen, hey, have at it.  This crackpot 'therapy' is no better than Dr. Hobgoblin's Magic Elixir. 

lead story - Three transgender Puerto Ricans win suit to change gender markers

Avery Anapol
The Hill

San Juan, PR

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