06 December 2018

Donald Trump - Trump Has Had an Undocumented Immigrant Making His Bed Since 2013: Report

Maura Hohman


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Puerto Rico - 'It Will Open Doors': 19-Year-Old Transgender Woman Cheers Victory in Fight to Fix Puerto Rico Birth Certificates

Sofia Cerda Campero
Washington 4 (NBC)

ruins of Ponce de Leon house
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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civil rights - Being Trans Is Not a Mental Disorder

Roy Richard Grinker
The New York Times

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Mississippi - Day of remembrance honors trans lives lost

Marissa Haas
The Student Printz

Hattiesburg, MS
University of Southern Mississippi

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lead story - How to Fight the Latest Attempts to Erase “Transgender”

Alex Myers

Bainbridge Island, WA

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VIDEO - Mark Singer - "Trump and Me"

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