02 April 2017

My letter to Mayor Shari Cantor

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Ms. Cantor: 

I gave this a great deal of thought, but I have decided that it is time for me to request that the Town Council formally request Rep. Larson to begin impeachment proceedings against Mr. Trump.  This is not without precedent.  Alameda , CA and Richmond, CA have issued formal requests to their representatives (http://abc7.com/politics/another-california-town-votes-to-impeach-president-donald-trump/1793184/) and Cambridge, MA will likely consider such a move.  (http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/impeach-trump-cambridge-mass-weighs-calling-probe-1.3351253) Moreover, retired justices such as James C. Nelson and president of Free Speech for People David Bonifaz are urging impeachment proceedings begin immediately in Time magazine. (http://time.com/4658633/impeach-donald-trump-congress/)

In short, I urge West Hartford's Town Council to do its duty and start its process in removal of Donald Trump from office.  Thank you very much.


Emily Shorette

Impeach Trump? Cambridge, Mass., weighs calling probe (Canada)


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Metabolic profile differs between transgender adolescents, teens with PCOS despite testosterone levels

Amber Cox

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'Moonlight,' 'Transparent' win at GLAAD Media Awards (Canada)

The Daily Courier

clip from 'Moonlight' (US)

Trans woman dies after being stabbed in the neck in Brazil (UK)

Meka Beresford
Pink News

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A Day Out Leaves Two Transgender Women Living in Fear

David Gonzalez
The New York Times

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