03 April 2017

‘Donald Trump’ getting his own bigly show on Comedy Central

C. J. Lais

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Powerful Vicks Ad About an Orphaned Indian Girl Adopted By a Transgender Woman Goes Viral: WATCH

Michael Fitzgerald

Credit:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zeeVEKaDLM

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Garcetti wants extension on city’s ban for non-essential N.C. travel over transgender bathroom bill

Debbie L. Sklar

Mayor Eric Garcetti

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ACLU takes legal action to defend rights of transgender students in Pennsylvania

Steve Lee
LGBT Weekly

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ezs note:  To help the ACLU in its efforts to maintain civil rights and liberties, you can find out here

Meet Shachar Erez, Israel’s First Transgender IDF Officer

Naomi Zeveloff

Shachar Erez

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